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General and Member Benefits FAQ:

So, what is HWOS Service Club?

HWOS Service Club is a loyalty program for heating service and repair engineering companies. It offers a variety of benefits and rewards to regular HWOS customers.

What do I get by being a member of HWOS Service Club?

Primarily, every member earns tokens when placing orders with us. Your tokens can be exchanged for either discount vouchers to save your business money on future orders with us, or prepaid gift cards to save yourself money when you shop elsewhere, in your work or personal life.

There are plenty of other benefits available when you’re a member, and members at higher levels get even more! From bonus token offers to giveaways, merchandise, free deliveries and more, there’s something for every member. For more info check out the XP & Levels FAQ and the Member Benefits Table below.

That sounds great! How do I sign-up?

Visit or follow the link here.

You’ll need to set up two-factor authentication to protect your profile and agree to the Club T&Cs but it’s all pretty straightforward.

Are there any restrictions on who can join?

The Club has been designed to benefit and reward our regular trade customers, so while it’s suitable for the vast majority of people reading this, there are some restrictions on who can sign-up. Check the Service Club T&Cs here for more details.

I’m an employee at someone else’s company, can I sign up for the Club and get the benefits from it?

Well, that depends. Each company can only have one Service Club membership and the person who signs up for the Club must have authorisation to do so from the person running the day-to-day of their company or who ultimately pays the bills. Whoever signs up for HSC will be the one fully able to access and redeem all benefits and rewards so please make sure you’re the right person to do so for your company before registering! We’d rather not, but we’ll have to cancel your membership if it doesn’t comply with our T&Cs.

What if I’m just a one-person outfit, is it worth signing up even if I only ever order relatively small amounts from HWOS?

Yes, absolutely! HSC has been designed in such a way that all customers can still climb the levels of the Club and get some really great benefits even if they don’t need millions of pounds of spares every year. By placing even small orders regularly, you’ll quickly accrue XP and find the benefits available to you increase accordingly Please refer to the XP & Levels FAQ and the Member Benefits Table to check out what the Club can do for you!

I live and work in ROI, do I get the same benefits and rewards as UK/CI members?

Almost… the only difference is that, at present, we’re unable to offer prepaid gift cards to ROI customers due to lack of availability via our UK supplier. We are working hard to find an equivalent offering for ROI customers and hope to have these options available very soon. Other than that, the same great benefits and rewards are open to all customers across the UK, CI and ROI.

How much does it cost to be a member of HSC?

Nowt, nada, nothin’ of course! =)

Tokens and Vouchers FAQ:

What are these ‘token’ things then?

Tokens are basically the Club’s currency; you can earn them and you can spend them! You’ll earn tokens based on the value of the products you order and your level within the Club (more on that later). Once you’ve saved some up, you’ll be able to exchange them for either a HWOS discount voucher or a prepaid gift card to spend elsewhere.

They sound great! How do I get some for myself?

For the most part, you’ll earn one token for every one pound you spend with us (excluding VAT and delivery charges). There are also loads of other ways you can get tokens, through bonuses, promotions and interacting with the Club.

What do you mean ‘for the most part’??

There are some products and product groups we’re just unable to offer at 1 token per 1 pound spent so they will earn a lower amount. Most notably, oil nozzles, oil tanks and flue gas analysers have lower earning rates than most other products. The expected token earning rates will be shown on the product page of our website and an estimated total will be shown during checkout.

There’s also a small amount of rounding we’ll need to do when calculating the total tokens earned per order so it can always vary by a few here or there. You’ll be able to see the actual number of tokens earned per order in your Club profile at the end of the day.

What are level base token multipliers?

The level base token multipliers are a great benefit, they mean you can collect more tokens without spending more! The level multiplier takes the base number of tokens you earned and boosts it up if you’re a bronze level member or higher. Bronze members get a 10% bonus, Silver members get a 25% bonus and Gold Level members get a massive 100% bonus!

One important note - these multipliers only apply to the base, standard tokens you earn from placing orders (e.g. the 1 token per 1 pound ones) and don’t apply to any bonus or extra tokens earned during promotions or from other offers.

What about these ‘bonus mega events’ I saw on some of your marketing material recently?

Bonus mega events are short-term promotional periods where you can supercharge your tokens balance by ordering a particular product or group of products during the event. We aim to run bonus mega events throughout the year, keep an eye out at for more info!

Do I still earn tokens if I place orders over the phone or via email, or do I have to order online to get these benefits?

Yes! Every order you place with us, regardless of how you order, will earn base tokens in exactly the same way. You’ll need to register for the Club and exchange your tokens for vouchers online, but other than that you can remain fully offline if you would prefer.

What happens to my tokens if I return an order/part of an order/multiple orders?

If you return or cancel any products or orders after you’ve already received tokens for them, we’ll deduct the same amount back from your token balance, including any bonus tokens you might have also earned.

Ok, so I’ve got some tokens saved up, what now?

It could be time to spend them if you’d like! Head to the Token Exchange at and decide whether you want to swap your tokens for a HWOS discount voucher to save your company money on an order with us, or treat yourself to something for all your hard work by getting a prepaid gift card to spend elsewhere.

If you exchange your tokens for a HWOS discount voucher, it will appear in your Club profile straightaway and be ready to use to save money on an order with us.

If you decide to go for a prepaid gift card, it will be sent to you by our supplier in a couple of working days.

What kind of prepaid gift cards can I exchange my Tokens for, and where can I spend them?

If you choose a prepaid gift card, you can exchange your tokens for either:

• A love2shop contactless digital gift card. Your love2shop contactless digital gift card will be sent to your mobile device and can be used in-store or online at over 140 popular leading brands, including Argos, B&Q, Currys, M&S, Sainsbury’s and many more! For the full list check out https://www.highstreetVouchers...


• A physical Mastercard gift card. Physical Mastercard gift cards will be posted to your address and can be spent anywhere in the world Mastercard is accepted, either in-store or online.

Can I mix and match my Token Exchange rewards or do I have to exchange my tokens for the same reward every time?

You can mix and match as you please, they’re your tokens and we want you to get the most out of them! You can either save up a whole heap of tokens and exchange them all in one go, or you can exchange them for smaller rewards little and often, it really is up to you. As long as you have enough tokens in your profile at the time, the sky’s your oyster.

Why do HWOS discount vouchers cost fewer tokens than the equivalent value prepaid gift cards?

There are a number of costs and fees involved in the distribution of the prepaid gift cards, particularly the physical Mastercards, so the equivalent tokens needed to get them is higher than if you were to opt for a HWOS discount voucher instead. Despite this, we still think the prepaid gift cards offer great additional value!

How long are my vouchers or gift cards valid for after I exchange my tokens for them?

HWOS discount vouchers are valid for use for two years from the date you exchange your tokens. The prepaid gift cards have a few rules and timescales depending on when they’re ordered and when they’re activated but you’ll have plenty of time to spend them without them burning a hole in your pocket. There’s more info about validity periods on the Token Exchange page.

I normally place my orders with HWOS over the phone or via email, how can I use my HWOS discount voucher while offline?

Our sales team have access to view your discount vouchers and will be able to apply them manually when you place your order. They won’t do it automatically though, you’ll have to tell us if you want to use a voucher that’s in your profile!

Why do I only see an estimate of the tokens I’ll earn when I place an order online?

Orders can potentially change from when they’re placed to when they’re invoiced, for a whole host of reasons. Because of this, when submitting your order we’ll only be able to show an estimate of the tokens you’ll earn. The actual tokens you’ll earn will be calculated when the order is invoiced at the end of the day.

Will I be able to find out my estimated token earnings when ordering over the phone or via email?

Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of the token calculations we’re unable to advise estimated token earnings for orders placed via any method other than at You can check your token balance and transaction history at any time via the website though.

XP and Levels FAQ:

What are the Levels of the Club?

HWOS Service Club is split into four levels (Teal, Bronze, Silver and Gold) and each one offers different benefits and rewards to members, depending on their level within the Club.

What in the world is XP when it’s at home?

XP are basically ‘membership points’ and are used to work out which Club level you’re a member of. In general, the more XP you accrue, the higher your level within HWOS Service Club.

How much XP will I earn when I place an order?

The amount of XP you’ll earn depends on the value of your order (excluding VAT and shipping charges) and you can earn XP on up to three orders per day.

The XP earning rates are…

Order Value

XP Gain

£1 to £180

+ 1 XP

£181 to £500

+ 3 XP

£501 to £1,000

+ 5 XP


+ 10 XP

How much XP do I need to earn in my membership year to get to Bronze, Silver or Gold level?


XP Required


0 XP


75 XP


150 XP


450 XP

Can I spend my XP?

Nope! That’s what tokens are for. XP can’t be spent or redeemed or anything like that, it’s only there to calculate a member’s level within the Club.

We use the total amount of XP you’ve earned during your membership year to calculate your membership level.

What’s a membership year then?

Your membership year starts on the day you sign-up to the Club and runs until your anniversary date, on the same day the following year, at which point a new membership year will begin. During your membership year you’ll earn XP by placing orders, if you earn enough XP during the year you’ll be moved up to Bronze, Silver or even Gold level. Once you achieve a higher level you’ll remain at least at that level for the remainder of the current membership year PLUS the following membership year as well! Your XP will reset to zero annually on your anniversary date so you’ll have to earn more XP to retain your level in the Club for the following year.

As an example…

Say you sign up to the Club on the 1st of December 2023, this will be your anniversary date going forward. When you sign up you’ll start with 0 XP. As you place orders over the next few months you’ll accrue more and more XP.

Sometime around April you get to a total of 75 XP earned in this membership year. Once you hit 75 XP you’ll be moved up a level to Bronze straight away. Now that you’re at Bronze you’ll stay there for the remainder of this membership year PLUS all of the following membership year.

You continue to place orders throughout the year though, and sometime around October your total XP for the year hits 150. Now you’ll move straight up to Silver level for the remainder of the current year, plus all of the following year!

Whichever level you end your membership year at is the level you start your next membership year at. So the sooner you hit a level, the longer you get to enjoy the benefits of that level!

The 1st of December rolls around again in 2024 and you ended your first year at Silver. Because this is your anniversary date, a new membership year will begin. You’ll still be at Silver level, but your XP will reset to zero as it does on every anniversary date. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Silver level throughout your second membership year, but if you want to continue to receive the benefits of Silver you’ll need to earn at least another 150 XP in your second membership year to retain the level in to your third membership year, and so on and so forth.

This handy graphic might help illustrate how membership years work.

So once I’m at a higher level do I stay at that level forever?

I’m afraid not. The Club is designed to offer the best benefits and rewards to customers who regularly order from HWOS. If your orders in a given membership year don’t accrue enough XP to stay at your current level, you’ll move to the next level lower on your anniversary date.

To maintain a high level within the Club, you’ll need to regularly place orders with us throughout the year.

What if I work my way up to a high level but then can’t work for a period of time so my orders decrease, will I drop straight back down to the starting level?

Not at all, we understand at times you might just not need to order much from us. Therefore, members will retain the level they achieve for the duration of the current membership year, plus the following year. Additionally, if the rate at which you accrue XP decreases for an extended period, you’ll only ever move down one Club level at a time on your anniversary date.

What happens to my XP if I return an order/part of an order/multiple orders?

If something you return causes the original order value to earn a lower amount of XP than originally issued, we’ll deduct the difference back from your profile.

Member Benefits FAQ:

What other benefits can I get from being a member of the Club?

As a member of the Club, you’ll receive various additional benefits depending on your level.

Earn XP & Tokens (All levels)

This one’s pretty obvious! To earn XP and Tokens you’ll need to be a member of the Club!

Bonus Token Offers (All levels)

Same again, to take advantage of any bonus token offers and promotions, you’ll need to sign up.

Newsletters & Statements (All levels)

As a member of the Club you’ll receive newsletters about bonus events and promos every now and then, plus a monthly statement of your Club activity via email. If you don’t wish to receive either or both of these email communications, you can of course opt-out.

Tailored Pricing (Bronze level and above)

Club member-only pricing for certain products will run every now and then as short term-promotions. These member only prices are only available at and are only open to Bronze level members and above. Look out for these special prices on the website and in your Club newsletter.

Entry to Giveaways (Bronze level and above)

Fairly straightforward, when we do prize giveaways, you’ll be entered into them if you’re at Bronze level or above.

Freebies! (Bronze level and above)

Again quite straightforward, when we have freebies or promotional items available, you’ll receive some in with one of your orders.

Christmas Gift (Bronze level and above)

We want to make sure our annual Christmas gifts end up with the customers who support us throughout the year, the ones we really want to show our appreciation to. Our annual Christmas gifts will now only be sent to Bronze level members and above.

Refer a Friend (Bronze level and above)

Shout about the Club to anyone who’ll listen! You might get a nice bonus in return =) Once you hit Bronze level, you’ll have the ability to share your Club referral code with other engineers, if they use your code when they sign up to the Club you’ll both receive a little something extra.

Birthday Gift (Silver level and above)

Silver level members and above can look forward to a little Birthday treat (if you let us know the date when you sign up!)

Service Club Merch (Silver level and above)

We want to see the Club logo everywhere! Silver level members and above can look forward to Service Club branded merch every now and then.

Extra Free Deliveries? (Bronze level and above)

Bronze level members and above can benefit from extra free deliveries. Basically, if your order value wouldn’t qualify for our regular free delivery levels, you’ll have the option to choose a free delivery anyway!

Bronze level members can claim one extra free delivery per week when they order at

Silver level members can claim two extra free deliveries per week when they order at

Gold level members receive all of their orders completely free of any delivery charges for any orders placed via, over the phone or via email!

Bronze and Silver level free deliveries will always be ‘to your door’ services (rather than to a DPD or UPS collection point) and will either be shipped via DPD or Royal Mail. The available service will be displayed during the checkout process.

Gold level free deliveries will always be shipped on a DPD by 12pm where this service is available, otherwise we will use the fastest available DPD service in your area.

(Please note, any of the above free delivery offers are only valid for orders shipped from our own warehouse, all direct deliveries from manufacturers or suppliers which can be classed as ‘outside fulfilment’ are not included due to other suppliers’ varying carriage charges).

Base Token Multiplier

Boost your token balance without spending more!

Bronze level members get a 1.10 multiplier applied to the base tokens they receive when placing orders, which is a 10% bonus!

Silver level members get a 1.25 multiplier applied to the base tokens they receive when placing orders, which is a 25% bonus!

Gold level members get a 2.00 multiplier applied to the base tokens they receive when placing orders, which is a mega 100% bonus!

As an example…

Say you order £300 of parts from us, provided all the products you order earn 1 token per pound spent, you’ll receive 300 base tokens for the order.

If you’re a bronze level member, your token multiplier will boost the base total by an extra 10%, so you’ll actually receive 330 tokens instead of 300.

If you’re a silver level member, your token multiplier will boost the base total by an extra 25%, so you’ll actually receive 375 tokens instead of 300.

If you’re a gold level member, your token multiplier will boost the base total by an extra 100%, so you’ll actually receive 600 tokens instead of 300.

One important note - these multipliers only apply to the base, standard tokens you earn from placing orders (e.g. the 1 token per 1 pound ones) and don’t apply to any bonus or extra tokens earned during promotions or from other offers.

General FAQ 2:

Do I have to become an HSC member if I want to order from HWOS?

Not at all, HSC is aimed to offer extra benefits and rewards to our customers but it’s absolutely not required if you prefer not to join.

What if I have any problems or queries about the Club, who can I contact?

We have a dedicated email address for questions about HSC and your Club profile, [email protected]

Due to the way the Club is administered, our sales team won’t be able to answer any specific queries about your Club profile, XP, tokens or other benefits so please forward all HSC related questions to [email protected]

Do I have to sign up to any marketing emails or anything like that?

We plan to send emails and/or text messages every now and then highlighting current promotions and offers but you can opt out of these if you’d prefer. We’ll also send your Club statement out via email monthly but again you don’t have to receive these if you’d prefer not to.

What happens if I don’t use the Club for a while?

Ideally you’ll use it all the time, but if there’s no positive activity (the addition of any XP or tokens) in your profile for a period of two years we’ll deactivate your membership. Any tokens or vouchers you have in your profile at this time will be removed. To stop this from happening though all you need to do is have some kind of positive activity in your account at any time in that two year period, hopefully that shouldn’t be too hard =)

What if I no longer wish to be a member of the Club?

We’ll be sad to see you go but please contact [email protected] and we’ll cancel your membership for you.

There’s quite a lot of info here, could you summarise it for me?

HWOS Service Club is a loyalty program for heating service and repair engineering companies. It offers a variety of benefits and rewards to regular HWOS customers.

The primary benefit is the earning of tokens which can be exchanged for either HWOS discount vouchers or prepaid gift cards. Tokens are the Club’s currency, they can be earned and they can be spent!

You’ll earn tokens every time you order from us, and there will be plenty of opportunities to supercharge your token balance with short-term promotions, bonuses and other offers.

You’ll also earn XP when you place orders. XP are the Club’s membership points and we use them to work out your level within the Club. The more XP you gain in your membership year, the higher your level will be. The higher levels of the Club offer even more benefits, including freebies, gifts, free deliveries and more. Plus, the higher levels offer base token multipliers, allowing you to collect even more tokens without spending more!

What are the terms and conditions of the Club?

The Service Club TandC's can be found here



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