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UPS Access Point Delivery Services Are Back Online!

07 December 2018

We're delighted to announce the long-awaited return of our ever-popular UPS Access Point Delivery Services to our Online Trade Store! The technical difficulties we experienced took longer to resolve than we'd hoped, however we've taken as much time as necessary to ensure your ability to choose the most suitable delivery service is as easy and smooth as possible before re-integrating the UPS Access Point system.

Plus, we've managed to integrate both UPS Access Points and the new DPD Pickup shops on to the same map, meaning available collection points from both couriers will be displayed at the same time. We're hoping these changes will make it even easier to find the right delivery services online without any hassle.

To find collection points near you, first view the contents of your cart, then click the green 'Proceed to Checkout' button:

At the next screen, confirm the address you wish to use to find your local collection points in the drop-down menu, and click the green 'Continue' button:

On the next screen, the default option is Courier Delivery (services to your home or business address), but below this is the option to 'Collect from a pickup store', click on this banner to display the map of collection points:

Once you've clicked this banner, the map of local collection points will be displayed. 

You can click on the UPS or DPD logos to see more information about the store. Once you click on the logo, this will become your selected collection point. The selected point and relevant service will be displayed in the summary at the bottom of the page:

You won't need to actually select the service you wish to use, it will automatically be determined based on the type of collection point (UPS or DPD) you have selected. If you wish to view a list of available stores rather than navigate the map, there is an option to switch to 'List View' in the top corner above the map area:

Once you've found an appropriate collection point, please make sure to check the summary at the bottom of the screen for details of the store's address and opening hours, the expected delivery date and the cost of the service (if applicable).

Once you're happy with your selection, you can proceed through the checkout as normal and submit the order.

Please note: Some areas may only be served by one courier (UPS or DPD) and some others may not have any local collection points at all. If you do not see the option to collect from a pickup shop, unfortunately there are no available collection points within a 10 miles radius of your location.

Please note: UPS Access Point services are only available for orders being shipped from our Main Warehouse. Orders shipped from our Secondary Warehouse can still be shipped to a collection point, however at this time we can only offer DPD Pickup shops for these orders.

We hope you find the updated checkout process easy, simple and quick to navigate, however as always if you are having any issues or wish to give us any feedback regarding any part of the website or any of our services, please contact us on 01388 760 333 or email sales@hwos.co.uk

Thank you again for your patience while we've been completing this work.

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