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Riello Fuel Pumps - New Lower Price!

14 November 2018

Riello Fuel Pumps - New Lower Price!

Due to the increased volume of sales over the Winter period we've been able to bulk order very high quantities of both Riello RDB (20030953) and Mectron (20031996) domestic fuel pumps at a slightly lower price than usual so we're able to offer these pumps at lower prices than advertised in our current 2018 Gas, LPG, Oil & Heating Spares Catalogue:

RDB Pump 20030953 Currently £56.50 + VAT (Previously £59.00 + VAT)

Mectron Pump 20031996 Currently £55.50 + VAT (Previously £57.80 + VAT)

As always we try to keep prices for all of our products as low as possible, and we'll keep the current prices for as long as we can, however we cannot guarantee how long this pricing will remain.

If you have any queries please contact our sales team on 01388 760 333

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