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New! Bahco Hand Tools!

New! Bahco Hand Tools!

We're currently working hard in the background on our upcoming 2024 Gas, LPG, Oil and Heating Spares catalogue and starting to add plenty of new products to our existing ranges.

Bahco is a market-leading premium tool brand that provides tailored solutions and meets the needs of the highest-performing professionals working in the green, trade, automotive, industrial metal cutting and general industries.

Bahco has invented some of the most essential tools in the world, such as the adjustable pipe wrench, the adjustable wrench, multi-component handles and Sandflex® saws, accumulating more than 400 registered patents and multiple awards.

With an extensive catalogue of more than 24,000 products, Bahco tools offer a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, user-centred tool design and over a century of experience.

Check out the following great Bahco hand tools in the Featured Products category of our online trade store here!

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We're always looking to improve our range of products and are continuing to bring in new products we think will be of interest to you. Please keep an eye out at for more new products coming soon!

Many thanks, Team HWOS.